As long as we're on the subject of all things gay, let's discuss Russell Crowe. Many people know him for his tough-guy roles in one-time-is-all-you-need movies like The Gladiator. Everyone applauds his "amazing acting skill" but then is suddenly repulsed because he's "such a jerk." Back home, the straight people surrounding me all felt the same way: Gladiator was awesome not only because it was had great fight scenes; it was also incredibly historically accurate (seriously, the "historical accuracy" was a big selling point for them). And they all loved the amazingly boring and lamely contrived Master and Commander. Blah.

Tonight, I arrived home nice and late, as per my usual Wednesday routine. I made a light dinner and flipped on the television. I ended up checking Logo, of all channels. I usually avoid this station because, while it's kinda cool to have an all gay channel, it doesn't always have very good quality in terms of programming. For instance, let's take The Big Gay Sketch Show. A potentially fun show, especially since I enjoy sketch comedy. Sure, sometimes it's amusing. But the problem (and this is a big problem) is that it's all gay-themed and shit. Personally, I think just having an all-gay troupe would be enough for me; gay themes would arise, of course, but they'd be a whole heck of a lot more natural (not to mention funnier) than the contrived nonsense they usually have going on.

But I digress. Tonight they were showing a movie. An Australian flick circa 1994 (1995 in the US) I'd never seen starring the aforementioned Crowe, along with a delightful performance by Jack Thompson, called The Sum of Us. I didn't watch the whole movie, as I caught it in the middle, and turned it off because, even as I type this, my head is about to hit the desk. But I watched about an hour of it, and found myself drawn in quite a bit. I'm thinking now I'll have to go rent it just so I can see it properly (and without commercials).