Coming back ACHOO!

The current status of my nose, in case you wanted to know, is "overworked and underpaid." It was in perfectly good shape over the weekend, when the rest of my body was exposed to heat and sunshine and totally drained of all the life-giving sustenance that's normally present. Then came today. Over the course of the past fifteen hours or so, I've sneezed for a good quarter of that time. That's time I could have been looking at something in front of me. Time my eyes were forced shut and thus caused me to miss a potentially critical moment. Like my teacher's significant gesture at the projector screen. Never mind that I was half-asleep, that could make or break my grade! And what about that squirrel fight that was bound to break out by the tree? Totally missed it.

According to this website, the pollen count has actually decreased today. Which, since that goes counter to my bodily intuition (which tells me that it's increased), I'm obviously going to disregard the WeatherBug people as a bunch of know-nothing lunatics.