This isn't exactly what the doctor ordered, but I decided it fit well with the prescription. Let me first say that I'm not what you'd call an avid video gamer. I generally lack interest and/or patience to bother playing them. But there are certain games that were designed with me in mind, and I give them props. First, even though it always gets a bad rap, Dance Dance Revolution is one of the best games ever. It can be impossibly hard, but it's generally always fun, and even a good workout. Am I crazy about the music? Not always, but there's enough other cool aspects to the game that more than make up for that.

A year and a half ago (or thereabouts), I was introduced to the next soon-to-be craze: Guitar Hero. A friend of mine I was working with for acting class got me started playing it. But I never envisioned myself getting it, mostly because you had to have a video game system to play it. Having never owned one of those, and not really interested in owning one, I moved on with my life.

But then. BUT THEN! I discovered there was a computer game version of the game, and it was way cheaper than buying a whole system just for one game. And then once I got my new computer, I found out that, holy shit, I could actually get a video game that I really liked! But given its hefty price tag, I decided against it.

Until tonight, that is, when I went to Target and discovered something unbelievable: it was on clearance for 30% off! Which totally made it worth it and I had no choice but to take the plunge. Studying blues? No worries, I can now rock the stress away at the end of the day. Friends over? Hey, we can be loud and annoy my roommate! Bored? Not anymore!

It's literally a win-win situation. Speaking of which, it's high time I go rock out. Excuse me.