I was just cleaning out my pockets and discovered a receipt from a recent purchase. Upon looking at it, I realized that 1.) I could have walked away with more than a penny in change, and 2.) I think someone could be in (or already was) in pretty big trouble with the boss. My purchase cost a grand total of $5.29. I paid $5.30 cash for it, only when the cashier rang it up, she put in that I paid $53.30, thus causing the system to say that I was due back $48.01 in change. Upon first looking at the thing, I was miffed as to why the cost was so high, and that I had paid over $50 for a $5 purchase, until I realized that I've never, in fact, put a Grant in my wallet. Ever.

Sure, a part of me wishes the cashier really had given me that much back in change. But then I got to thinking about how unlike a crook I am, and even if I considered it a donation, of sorts, they'd probably notice the error sooner or later, play back their security tapes and subsequently arrest me for their own mistake. And who am I to make others work that hard for less than $50?

For future reference for the cashier: it's generally best to click VOID when you screw shit up. Just saying.