Hahaha it's so good!

It seems that every time I decide to go here for dinner, I invariably wind up stuck sitting near a gaggle of preteen chickettes. You know, the ones who are "12 going on 21", who think it's fun to go out with their friends and talk on their cell phones with other people the entire time. It's like mom and dad like to drop them off at this one spot because it's the cool hangout, right, and the girls can be all obnoxious and girly while they do their grocery shopping next door. So, like, tonight, like, I decided to go to Baja Fresh for dinner, right? And, like, since it was so cold inside, and outside it was pretty nice, so like I decided I wanted to sit outside. And like it was so nice because there were no other people there, so like I had the whole patio to myself.

That is, until the three 12-year-olds decided I was onto something and followed me outside and sat at the table two feet away from my own, never mind that the whole patio was open. Luckily, they ate quickly and took off. Which was a total relief, considering they very nearly depleted my teeny bopper tolerance allowance. (Mercifully, none of them actually said "LOL" out loud; had they done so, I probably would have keeled over dead on the spot. Or else been forced to snatch up my plastic fork and start waving it manically at them.)

But I digress. This could just be a sign that I need to get my food there to go, and next time I need to escape the house for a while, take my hungry butt somewhere else.