One I've discovered, that, at times, the world can be obnoxiously small. I should have known that it would a matter of time before I ran into someone I knew from home. I was afraid that it would happen today (it did), but that didn't stop me from trying to convince myself that it the similarities I saw in the guy were mere coincidence. I almost got away with it, too, until the asshole walked up to me and asked me if I was from New Mexico. And yeah, the jig was up.

So it turns out that one of the guys I met my freshman year of college also goes here. I haven't seen him in at least three years or so, and I didn't realize what a blissful state I'd fallen into in that time. I guess that answers the question of whether or not creepy people become less creepy over time: they don't. Without missing a beat, he was asking for my phone number (I didn't give it to him, but got his instead, and might "accidentally" lose it; woops, too late) and saying that we should hang out again.

In the space of five minutes, here's what I learned:

  • He lives in a super nice house in a super bad area.
  • He rents his room for $450 per month.
  • He has to share his room with another guy.
  • But it's okay because they're both Christian.
  • So they can discuss the Bible all the time.

I barely knew this guy to begin with, and never cared to talk much with him when I did, and in the space of only a few minutes I was trying to figure out ways to set him up on a date with my roommate.


The latest fun drama from the grad school front is that someone from one of my classes uploaded the entire class's recent projects onto the internet. Permission was never requested, nor were any of us informed of this. It's left me with such a bad aftertaste in my mouth that I'd rather eat pickled anchovies in olive juice.


I got to interpret a big standup comedy show tonight. I'm not gonna lie; it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I love anything on stage, and I got to enjoy a show and meet some awesome comedians, including the one and only Gabriel Iglesias, who is damn funny and also a damn nice guy.


I'm damn tired so dammit, I'm going to bed.