It's the last week of school, and there is much rejoicing in my small little world. I can't jump the gun too much, but having gotten some of my work done today, I decided to ease up a bit tonight. I broke out Guitar Hero and put on the wildest show anyone has ever seen! I was rocking amazingly hard, and there was no stopping me. Tonight I beat the game on the "medium" level. But not without some struggle. After all, it takes practice to climb to the top of your game.

Dear Muse, your song "Knights of Cydonia" is amazing, but damn it's hard to play. I think it took me like ten tries just to get three stars on that shit. Dear Lou, I kicked your ass on my second try. Face it: you got served. Dear DragonForce, I love that I get to play your song during the credits. Just know that I'll probably die before I can play every note to your song because my arm seizes up every time I try. But thanks anyway for the good times.