A desk cluttered with papers and CDs. A bed covered with a three-ring binder stuffed full of paper, some books, and more papers. The floor is littered with text books, loose-leaf papers of handouts and rough draft term papers. A neatly organized pile of clothes in the corner. Stacks of mail in front of the bookshelf and on the desk. That's the anatomy of a grad student's room, in case you were interested. The mess comes from notes, term papers, and text books rather than the other, more conventional fare of younger, more care-free individuals. Simple logic follows, then, that a grad student's room is one that attempts maturity and good feng shui, but hits well below the mark.

In my case, the mess that is my current room is organized chaos. I know where almost everything is, and given that my mind is in a state of complete disarray, I think it's only fair that my living space live up to that same standard. Two more days to go. And when I fix up my room again, I'll probably have forgotten most of what I've just been trying so hard to learn. No doubt I'll feel much better for it, too.