I'd say I was at least medium rare

Okay, so it took me two days to finish everything up. But I can't be blamed, because certain factors were beyond my control. For one, my ass was hating me for all the hours I'd had to sit on it. And trust me when I say that if any part of your body can turn on you and totally force you to not do what you "should" be doing (in my case, sitting and writing papers), it's your ass. My ass revolted and there was nothing I could do about it. Then there was all the partying to be done. Two of my friends graduated this semester, so obviously I had to join in the celebration. They finished up on Thursday, so the party was Thursday night. And given that my butt had turned the other cheek on my studies anyway (pun totally intended, unfortunately), I had no qualms about going. I even hit the dance floor, bad moves and all. I drew quite an audience, too. The tattooed and pierced guys with mohawks all joined me and wanted to party with me. Me, wearing a lime green polo and white shorts and sporting moves that are timelessly awful. One guy I met was from a band, apparently, and he, smitten with how I moved and danced around, offered me backstage passes to some festival show he's playing. I guess that means I win.

And as promised the other day, I have one thing left to say to my spring 2008 semester: "SO LONG, AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FUCKING FISH."