I”m currently on break. Which means that, while I don’t have to study at the moment, I have to figure out how to arrange everything so I can get back into another glorious semester of school. Because that’s all boring and uninteresting, here’s a list, in no particular order, of things currently taking up my time.

  • While walking through a parking lot after lunch today, a station wagon nearly ran me over. My first instinct was to shout at the person for being such a dumbshit motherfucking idiot, but then I saw the lady behind the wheel and suddenly felt sorry for her. She had a neck brace on, so of course I should be the one apologizing. I waved her through and smiled benignly, but wound up flipping her off anyway because really, what’s a person wearing a neck brace doing driving? Idiot! I can see her talking to the police after causing some huge wreck: “I know that other car had right of way, but I couldn’t see them so I figured there was nothing there… How’d I get this brace? Oh, I was in a car accident a month ago.”
  • Unsurprisingly, I’m peeved at my Dancing With the Stars-loving roommate. The garage is still broken; she’s not bothered to even think about getting it repaired. And now she keeps locking the gate, so I can’t get my bike out of the backyard. She said all I have to do is let her know when I want to ride my bike and she’ll unlock the gate. I told the bitch to shut the hell up and get me a key.
  • I recently beat the medium level of Guitar Hero III. It turns out that the jump from medium to hard is sort of akin to finishing kindergarten and jumping right to college. My fans keep booing me off the stage and I’ve broken countless guitars in frustration. Also, what’s up with the songs switching between first and second guitar? I hate having to stop mid-riff and jump to a new riff. It makes no sense, and clearly I just proved that I’m also a music nerd.
  • Thanks to the lovely Dooce, I’ve taken to listening to The Bryant Park Project. They’re an NPR show whose podcast I’m now subscribed to. The show is fantastic, and in addition to reporting and discussing news, they have all sorts of interesting stories and interviews. Over the last week, I’ve learned about the physics of bowling, a British band who made a music video using closed circuit cameras, and the popularity of computer solitaire. It’s quickly becoming a part of my morning routine. For one thing, it’s way better than waking up and smelling my roommates pot of coffee.