Step aside, Jenny Craig. Weight Watchers, you too. I lost ten pounds in one day. All by getting a haircut. The last week has proven to me exactly why long hair will never work for me; ergo I could never make it as a hair metal rock star. Because what happens when my hair gets long it becomes a magnet for pollen (hello, allergies!), and at that an unruly magnet that curls and furls everywhere. Forgive the poor quality of this segue (and the poor quality of this entry), but speaking of hair metal, I took a trip down to LA Connection Comedy Theater Friday night. While there, I got to see two improv troupes perform: Stranger Than Fiction and 2 Drink Minimum.

The poorly thought up hair metal reference goes out to Stranger Than Fiction's very awesome sketch about two guys who always express emotions "the only way they know how--through song". The players are a band called Phöenyx, and they sing songs they create on the spot per suggestions from audience members.

My only complaint about my evening was that during 2 Drink Minimum's performance, a certain nameless audience member just about killed my sense of smell with his excessive use of cologne. Because of this, I've developed a new rule of life (aimed at heterosexual cologne-wearing males, in this case, but it can apply to anyone): if your cologne trumps the shit out of your date's perfume, you should not get any action that evening.

That said, the theater is a fantastic time and is an LA institution, so if you live in LA, get over there and check it out. And if you're visiting LA, or planning on visitng, be sure to add it to your list of places to go. Do it.