I went swimming today. Not an earth-shattering activity, unless you happen to be the one whose muscles are currently only barely working right now. It's been probably a year or so since I actually had a good swimming workout, which is saying something, given that it's generally my preferred form of exercise. I was very excited to get back in the water. Beforehand, I said 'screw you' to my ears' tendency to get clogged with water and decided to go for it. Then I went and got my day pass to the pool on campus. I broke out all my swimming gear, and while walking around was reminded that I'd forgotten how much the plastic mesh so common in pool locker rooms hurts your feet. Especially when the hardest surface my feet usually encounter is the cork on my Birkenstock sandals.

I jumped in the pool, feeling fresh and rejuvenated as I did so. Got myself set, started to swim some laps. And before I'd even made it 200 yards I was in agony. Muscles I'd clearly forgotten I had suddenly were quite noticeable. And all at once, I needed to stretch them. LIKE NOW. So I stopped and stretched, and started swimming again. I guess I wasn't swimming so much as splashing around in order to stay afloat.

It took me a good 45 minutes to swim the distance I'd established for myself: 850 yards. Which means I can pretty much kiss any shot of getting into the Olympics goodbye. I've lowered my standards considerably, and am now aiming to get some exercise, loosen up my muscles, and maybe make it from the beginning of each workout to the end without dying in the process. If I stop posting here without warning, you'll at least know what fate befell me.