I very nearly had an affair with a taco today. Due to my status as a mostly-kosher Jewish New Mexican, I don't really eat tacos. We headed down to a little New Mexican restaurant for lunch today. Feeling adventurous, and no longer like I was about to die from overdosing on eggplant parmesan last night, I decided to eat a form of taco the likes of which I'd never before seen. A CHILE RELLENO TACO. First, you have the brilliance that is chile rellenos. Take that fried sexiness and toss it into a crunchy taco shell, and you have, to borrow an overused aphorism, love at first bite.

If chile relleno tacos was money, I'd probably never want to buy anything. I'd more than likely be broke anyway because I would eat every single one in sight. A part of me was tempted to ask the server if she could just bring out a plateful of at least fifty of those puppies so that I could spend the rest of the week eating them. With that many to eat, the dilemma of choosing whether to take small bites and savor the whole taco versus taking large bites and experiencing that rich explosion of flavor, would be an issue no longer.