You know how sometimes you see something really good, and nothing will seem to compare, ever? And generally, nothing does compare, at least until a bit of time has passed and the high subsides, bringing you back down to Earth. First there was Wicked, and today brought the delightfully witty and hysterical Spamalot! Here's a quick synopsis of the show: Ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail? It's that, in musical form. And it's fucking brilliant. The Knights of the Round Table! The Knights Who Say Ni! The Black Knight! The coconuts! The French taunters! The Lady of the Lake, and her Laker Girls!

Sitting to our left at the theater: a formerly Amish woman with thick coke-bottle glasses. Judging by her white flower-print top, I'm guessing this was the first time she'd left her house since 1993. She attempted to share the armrest, and even tried to push the boundaries a bit. (She failed miserably, thankfully.) She didn't laugh at any of the jokes, unless I laughed first. Then at the end, when we all stood up and clapped like crazy, she followed my lead on how high I held my hands in the air while I clapped. I know this because I changed it up several times just to see what she would do.

Sitting to our right: two young (teenaged, perhaps) girls who were at the show with female relatives. Robert speculated after the show that they'll probably rush home to their friends and regale them with tales of sitting next to "those two gay men who kept singing all the songs during intermission!" Because nothing is gayer than knowing all the songs to a show before you've even seen said show. And you know what? THAT'S AS IT SHOULD BE. Those girls had better be home taking notes. Good ones.