While I’ve been in Albuquerque, I’ve been sort of quasi-working on several new ideas I’ve been kicking around. Some stuff involves pictures and some stuff doesn’t, but due to the fact that I’m working on my poor iBook (which isn’t functioning as well as it used to), all that must wait. Hence, I give you: a list of Monday mayhem.

  • Today as Robert and I were driving around town, we narrowly avoided being broadsided by a big, ugly minivan. A minivan that was probably going 50 miles per hour, being driven by a guy who likes to break the rules, evidently. He decided completely ignore the light that turned red a full five seconds before he even reached the solid white lines approaching the intersection. I laid on the horn and Robert flipped him off. The bitch didn’t even notice.
  • I’m on a quest to become a financial guru. Nothing is quite as motivating as an impending move and another semester of school to awaken the inner accountant. In order to receive any money through my university, be it via loans or scholarships, every student has to go through “financial counseling.” I completed it online today. In an effort to make it entertaining, the company running the show designed the thing to be loosely based on a board game. Basically, it consisted of raw information, in the form of text, against a green tree-scaped background that had a rainbow zig-zag path. Some of the spaces on the board had sayings, like “Graduate high school = qualify for financial aid!” and “Begin paying off loans early, move two spaces ahead!” So while it wasn’t much of an actual game, it ended up being pretty handy.
  • I was so bummed to hear about George Carlin this morning. It was one of those things I never imagined happening, mostly because I never wanted it to. I will always admire that he never stopped thinking, and that he loved to push the limits. Like when he performed his version of the famous Aristocrats joke in that documentary? Holy shit. Here’s to you, George: SHIT, PISS, FUCK, CUNT, COCKSUCKER, MOTHERFUCKER, and… TITS.