I've been the proud owner of a digital camera for something like nine months now. I really love it, and I've taken all sorts of pictures with it. What I'm bad about, though, is actually uploading the pictures onto my computer and then clearing out my memory card so I can start it fresh. Worse, every time we leave the house I always muse aloud about whether or not I should bring my camera. Whenever I don't have it, I always see something of which I absolutely must have a picture. Conversely, whenever I DO have it, I always forget to take pictures. I'll carry the thing around in my hand and talk Robert's ear off about all the fabulous pictures I can take, but it's rare for me to actually take any pictures.

What this all comes down to is that there are, in my opinion, some pretty snazzy pictures on my camera. But, because I'm so lousy when it comes to making full use of said camera, those pictures are currently restricted to the confines of the LCD display on the back of the camera.

We were at a friend's house today and it got all cloudy and started thundering outside. I was sitting there staring out the window, thinking about how I find thunderstorms uniquely relaxing, when it occurred to me that maybe I should whip out my camera and go take some pictures. And by "some" I mean three.

Well, it's a start. Next on the agenda: tackling Photoshop. My current skill level with that shit is "Prehistoric Cave Man", so I've got a long way to go.