Yeah, well I can benchpress two cardboard boxes full of books.

Compared to my last move, this one is like a walk in the park. Maybe it's because I'm only moving 3.5 miles away from where I'm currently at, instead of 800. Maybe it's because I get to take a few days to make the whole move, and can thus move a little at a time. Maybe it's because there's a whole lot less bitching at me for being a big gay disaster. Maybe it's because I'm almost free from the crazy lesbian roommate who may as well have "666" tattooed across her chest. Or maybe it's a combination of all of the above. This by no means gets me off the hook in terms of moving being a shit ton of work. I'm seriously wiped out. The only reason I'm awake to write this right now is because I took an hour-long nap earlier today. After carrying a box that I had mistakenly packed too full of textbooks and other large volumes, thus making it very fucking heavy, and actually managing to carry the thing into my new place, only to have the thing burst open as soon as I got it in the door, I figured I deserved the shuteye. Not to mention license to write lengthy and confusing run-on sentences.

I can't believe it, but I'm literally down to less than 72 hours left under the reign of Lady Lucifer. I was thrilled to learn, upon my return, that when I stopped my incoming mail due to my extended absence from LA, it stopped ALL the mail to the house; she actually had to be the one to go to the main post office and pick up all the mail. The fact that she made it a point to inform me of this occurrence the moment I walked in the door indicated that she wasn't too thrilled about the ordeal. I took it as a testament to my awesomeness. Aw, yeah!