My temperature is now solidly above 98.6. I have a fever. Of Olympic proportions. A mere month from now, the 2008 Olympics will begin in Beijing. Even four years ago, I didn't realize the Olympics were even happening until they were more than half-way over. Not so this year. Here I am, practically counting down the days until they begin, because I fully intend to at least try following a few favorite events. I'm currently lacking a television, but fortunately, technology is fabulous. There's an amazing website called I say that it's amazing because it has videos* posted from pretty much every event imaginable.

The two events I'm following closely: swimming and diving. I follow these two mostly because I grew up swimming on a local summer league my whole life. Which you can take to mean that they're pretty much the only two events that I really understand. As in, it's not work for me to follow it. Sure, I marvel at how well the commentators notice the subtleties of those damn entries from the dives WHILE the dive is happening, but I suppose since I'm not one of the guys doing the talking, it doesn't much matter.

*I'm staunchly anti- anything Microsoft. Especially if the words "media" and "player" are followed by the "microsoft." But, I do have to give them props for a plug-in called Silverlight, which works ten million times better than Media Player ever did. So, much as I hate to admit it, kudos to the big MS for that one.