The Importance of Eating Chocolate*

I've been in Albuquerque since Thursday. Having been back in LA for a week, which was basically enough time for me to move and sort of reestablish myself, I decided I still needed more time away. That, and my partner had to go back in for surgery again. Friday was the big day. In other words, the beginning of a whole lot of sitting on my ass. There's the waiting before, then the waiting during, followed by the waiting after (during recovery), and of course the waiting to leave. It's taken a few days, but my ass is rebelling considerably less now than it was on Saturday. I guess that's what I get for sleeping in a chair Friday night, but there's no question that it was worth it.

One of the best parts of our one-night stay in the hospital was watching Robert wander the ward in search of chocolate. During our last stay in June, we managed to score chocolate ice cream. Riding on the wings of that success, as soon as the man was able to, he was up to walk around and on a mission to find the chocolate. Only to learn, though, that the nurses of our little realm scorned chocolate as bad for you, and instead encouraged patients to stick to vanilla or strawberry as they are more "healthy." BULLSHIT, I SAY. Chocolate is every bit as fabulous for you, if not more. And besides, it's ice cream, people. Oh, and just for the record, dark chocolate really can be good for you, even beyond the obvious psychological benefits.

We never did find that elusive chocolate ice cream, but fortunately the vanilla was crazy outstanding. Oh, all right; so was the strawberry. And, we did manage to find Carnation chocolate instant breakfast drinks. And since it was chocolate over breakfast, it fit the bill. Which leads me to the conclusion that chocolate, be it the act of devouring it or just searching desperately for it, is quite possibly the key to a speedy recovery and a better overall hospital stay. Trust me.

*Evidently I misspelled "chocolate" in the title originally. I'd spelled it "choLOClate." Obviously the result of not getting enough chocolate in my diet.