Murphy's Law states that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. I would like to create a variation of this law that states, "If you take a trip home and don't tell your folks, you will see them everywhere you go." I think I'll call it something catchy like Phil's Law. During my last trip here, I had a chance to visit my folks. During said visit, I was greeted with excitement, followed immediately by accusation (in very large quantities, mostly about the gay thing "changing me" somehow). Having spent a good deal of my life fielding disparaging commentary from them, I've generally decided that opting out of their company is a good thing.

Hence, because this trip was so last-minute and for a purpose they could never understand because it wasn't on account of them that I returned, I accidentally failed to inform them that I'd be in town. And lo and behold, the first day after I'd flown in, who do I see walking right in front of us as we're driving through the grocery parking lot? Hi, mom. And then, when we make a quick trip to the hospital pharmacy yesterday... Hi, brother.

Thus far it's been entirely visual contact, and only on my behalf. It's interesting because I know if a point of contact is actually made, I'll be forever branded a criminal in their eyes. And who doesn't want to have a little more diversity added to their résumé?