Could it be that someone finally recognized that right-wing groups, mainly run by unattractive people who clearly have unhappy sex lives, are but a few people sending out a huge number of complaints on "behalf" of their "followers" who don't actually care enough to be bothered to make the complaint themselves? So it would seem. It's been more than four years since the Super Bowl-watching world was scarred not so much by Janet Jackson's less-than-attractive boob, but by the awful sun pendant nipple decoration she was sporting when she and Justin Timberlake decided they'd start the foreplay of their spicy romance in front of millions of people instead of the privacy of their hotel room.

CNN reports the following:

In court filing, the FCC said the network received more than 542,000 complaints -- an "unprecedented" number. But CBS disputed the number of and significance of complaints, claiming that 85 percent of them came from form letters generated by well-organized single-interest groups.

All those undersexed conservatives worked really hard together, as a team, and got the FCC to slap a fine onto CBS to the tune of about $1.00 per complaint. Then it took the court four years to determine that, wait, CBS wasn't responsible for the on-stage fetishes of two pop singers. Or at least, it can't be proven. And besides, if all the complaint letters look the same, it's maybe a little suspicious. Like, maybe only FIVE people cared. And so the case gets thrown out and CBS gets to keep their money.

I doubt any of the big conservative groups will even make the slightest fuss. They had their "victory" when they wanted it, and now they have bigger fish to fry. The current battle is to keep us homosexuals from getting legal recognition for the partnerships we already form anyway.

I keep waiting for the day the term "sodomy" gets used more regularly by these whacko groups, mostly because it's also got a heterosexual counterpart. Let's just say I just want to see the look on James Dobson's face when a ballsy reporter asks him if his wife has ever given him a blowjob.