It feels like a good time to do a list of “All Things Disjointed.” And what better way to follow up a Saturday night rant than by a random Sunday list?

  • I’m currently sitting on the couch typing this while watching Hook. I haven’t seen this movie in years, and I’m finding it very refreshing. I do have beef with the casting director for having Julia Roberts play Tinkerbell, but considering she’s way better than she is in, say, Ocean’s 11, I’ll let it slide.
  • I guess it’s been a week now, since I took a stab at revamping this website with a fresh, new look. I was really excited about it at the time, only I encountered some problems and nearly lost my website completely. I rescued it, only to find out that amidst the switch and then the switch back, my RSS feed was cut off and thus axed all my readers. If someone more tech-savvy than I happens to read this and has any suggestions about restoring the feed for those who lost it, shoot me an email. Otherwise, I guess the only thing I can suggest anyone can do is resubscribe.
  • When we were at the grocery store today, Robert and I had to walk past quite a rude married couple taking up an entire aisle in the frozen food section. More specifically, the ice cream-slash-frozen dessert section. Here’s a bit of the fascinating conversation I heard, centered around one of the sale specials:

    Husband: If we get enough of this, it’ll be completely free. Wife: But we didn’t even want it. Husband: I don’t think you get it. Let me explain. Wife: You still have to pay for it. Husband: No, no, it’s free. Look, it works like this.

    I’m assuming he went on for some time, and it no doubt turned into a huge argument which, if all works as it should in the world, his wife won. I guess we’ll never know, though, as I lost interest as we walked off in search of cheese.