I've always been something of a night owl. This generally isn't too much of a problem, though, as I've somehow managed to finagle my schedule so that the earliest I ever have to be at work or school is 9am. Of course, I've been bitten by the Olympic bug this year, and while it hasn't had me training like mad, I have been flopped down on the couch in front of the television every single night, unable to move from the screen. This week, Robert has returned to work. My philosophy for work is that even if I'm tardy, at least I'm there. Read: mornings are my mortal enemy. Conversely, Robert likes to arrive to work nice and early. And, he likes to have plenty of time each morning to get ready. This is what my schedule has been like so far this week:

8pm: Watch Olympics 11:30pm: Finish watching Olympics and think about going to bed. 12-12:30am: Go to bed.


5:30am: Feel a hand reach out and shake me around, and voice say "Phil, it's time to get up."

And then it takes me half an hour to drag my near-lifeless ass out of bed, staggering around and moving with Lego-man precision as I stumble through my morning routine.

After I dropped Robert off at work just before 7am, I headed home with an urgency that only the sheer desire to crawl back under the covers and sleep can muster. Naturally, it took me an hour to fall asleep again. I had to set my alarm, as I wanted to get up by 8:45 so I could get some things done at home and then meet some old work supervisors for lunch.

This is where cell phones come in handy: they have alarm clocks. I set my cell phone alarm, and opted for a random ringtone to wake me up. One I hadn't yet listened to. One that started off with an odd little bass riff, followed by a few guitar notes and some drums. A tune that, even to my sleepy ears, struck me as more than a little suitable for a porno film. I didn't realize this at first; it wasn't until after I'd hit the snooze, five minutes had lapsed, and then it thumped again, that it hit me. Talk about a weird thought to wake up to. Oy vay.