Equals Twitter You know that someone knows you well when you suddenly get a message that parrots something you write from time to time. Something that you don't realize is a habit, even, until it's brought to your attention thusly. For reasons that escape even me, I'm a big fan of using the equals sign when I write text messages or Twitter posts. They're always so useful, they come in handy in so many ways, and they just mean so much.

I didn't realize how often I use them, however, until I got the following in a text message today from Robert:

"Fish, garlic bread, mac & cheese = heaven!"

Just as my conclusion that Finch's bassist is gay does, Robert even nailed my little equation structure. Now I can't decide whether this little habit of mine is charming, or else boring and predictable. I'm hoping it's the former.

*Not to mention nerdy.