I think I truly did justice to Labor Day this year. Less out of actual spirit for the holiday and more out of laziness. I didn’t once leave the house the whole day, and aside from the whole homework thing, my day was glorious. List time! This time, a list of things I accomplished today. Or didn’t, as it were. (Please be aware that the list is not funny in any way, shape or form. Labor Day is no time to have a sense of humor.)

  • Stared at my homework for a little while, willing it to suddenly do itself.
  • Actually did some of my homework. Typed a bit. Read some notes. Typed some more.
  • Played with the resident canine. He came barking to my door so I happily stopped what I was doing to go play fetch. I even pulled out my camera and got some video footage, replete with a narrative track to make Anderson Cooper jealous.
  • Failed when attempting to make a salad for lunch. Not entirely my fault: that bitch of a refrigerator froze my lettuce.
  • Finished a report for grad school clinic. Still feeling like a lost sheep, but at least a slightly more productive one. This didn’t stop me from being Wendy Whiner, though.
  • Finished reading my book, finally. One of the most satisfying reads I’ve read in a while. And for all the talk of cannibalism and coups and getting stoned, when it ended, I was actually quite sad.