1.) In this world of buzz words and graduate school, there are so many ways one can feel a sense of accomplishment. For instance, tonight in my epic-length voice disorders class, I managed to not only keep an attentive ear to the lecture1; in addition, I totally kicked ass and completely organized my laptop. That's right, I'm THAT nerdy. Desktop? Clean. Downloads folder? Clean? Unwanted items? Deleted. Disorganized chaos of notes and random files for classes? Ordered and organized in all their appropriate folders. 2.) I even managed to hold a google chat conversation with my friend Elaine, during which time I realized the following. (Please note that, for the purpose of not putting you to sleep, dear reader, the following conversation is highly abridged.)

Elaine: goof. chatting in class. tsk. tsk. Phil: I've been productive! Cleaning and organizing my desktop and folders and such on my laptop. Elaine: hey, as long as the class time is well spent! .... Elaine: [are classes] going well though? Phil: for the most part. I'm less lazy this semester, so I figure that's almost equivalent to motivation?

I think that about sums up that point, whatever it was, that I was trying to make.

3.) As a certified graduate student, I hold only the most deep, academic, and meaningful conversations. Like this gem from last week's neuroanatomy class: I smelled cereal and decided it was worth a whispered conversation with my friend Letizia.

Phil: It smells like Froot Loops. Letizia: That smell would be you. Phil: Zing! Touché.

1 Okay, so maybe I wasn't all THAT attentive. But only because it was B to the O to the R to the I to the N to the G.