Whenever I have to study anything intense, it never fails that I find that, suddenly, I have on hand two million things that are considerably more fascinating. And pressing. Pressing to the point that I must do said things right now, otherwise I'll totally forget about them. I have a test in my neuroanatomy class coming up on Tuesday, and I'm not exactly excited about taking it. The brain is amazing, and fascinating, and a marvel to behold. And my teacher makes the class exponentially boring. It amazes me that, even with the power of the internet at her fingertips, she still shows us really, really bad two-dimensional drawings of the brain, when she shows us pictures at all. I feel like, should I chance upon someone whose brain I need to analyze, I'll have to be like, "Hold on, let me see a 2-D image of your brain real quick. That 3-Dimensional shit is just way too complicated."

I suppose what's most interesting is how much I've become aware of my powers of procrastination. When there's more pages of anatomy to be learned than the number of times John McCain blinks in a single minute of a debate, I suddenly start to notice that, holy cow, my place is absolute mess. I then have to jump on my bed, hands pinned behind my back, and force myself to stare at my spiral notebook and study, dammit. But you'll study better once you've cleaned. You know you will. Yes, but then I'll want to take a break and have some water and maybe go for a jump in the pool. The answer is no. And did you realize that you still haven't done your laundry yet this weekend? I can do it later this week. You know you won't. Just give in and do it now. Never. Really? Okay, try this on for size: BURNING PIT OF HUNGER IN YOUR STOMACH. Fuck.

My house is still an absolute mess. Which, in studying terms, might possibly be a good sign. But I still am not nearly as prepared as I need to be. I'm doing great in terms of math skills, however. As of this post, there are only thirty-one more hours until I'm doomed to die a miserable death by midterm exam.