I've had this website at this domain for just over a year now, and it's high time I celebrate in style. And because I'm a huge music fan, I've teamed up with my good friend and fellow Albuquerquian Jana Pochop to bring you, dear readers, a contest that brings with it the opportunity of winning FREE STUFF. Specifically, you could be one of three lucky winners of this CD:

early year

Let me tell you something about Jana. I met Jana in college because she was one of my friend's roommate. The more I talked to her, the more awesome I discovered she is, and the longer I've known her, the cooler she gets. I started going to see her play at one of our favorite coffee houses, Irysh Mac's (which closed, sad!), and I've seen her move to Austin and kick-start her music career as a singer-songwriter there. Of course, she's been blogging it all along, and I have to say that I was especially excited to watch how The Early Year EP went from an idea, to a project, to a reality.

Which brings us to this contest: I am giving away three signed copies of Jana's new EP! That's three (3!) signed (SIGNED!) copies of her new EP. This is the only such contest around to win Jana's CD, so you'll definitely want to pay attention, because this EP is on my "Best of 2008" list of new releases for the year. I have the CD playing on loop in my car, and it's like Jana was visiting and rocking out here, in my car. It's that good.

Here's how to win:

1. Jana sometimes works as Merch Girl, and she has the t-shirts to prove it. Take a good look at the t-shirts on that post I just linked to and then return here.

2. Think up your own clever slogan for a Merch Girl t-shirt and tell us about it in a comment here. Enter as many times as you like, but please leave only one t-shirt slogan idea per comment so we can more easily keep track of your entries.

3. The contest is open from now until next Friday. The contest will end at midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on October 17. At that point, comments will be closed and we will begin judging your entries. Winners will be announced Monday, October 20.

That's all there is to it!

Grand Prize: One signed copy of The Early Year EP, plus a t-shirt, with your slogan on it, made by Jana herself!

Two Runners Up Prizes: One signed copy of The Early Year EP!

*Again, You may enter as many times as you like. Please leave only one slogan per comment.

*Contest entries will be judged by Jana and myself. The best three slogans will be chosen as winners. Three separate winners will be announced. Be sure to check out Jana's other posts tagged "merch" to get further inspiration from humorous tidbits, including, but not limited to, things like Merch Girl Pizza.

*Please be sure to include a valid email address you check daily, as I will be emailing winners to notify them of their win. Failure to reply to an email may result in forfeiture of your prize to the next runner up.