This is what happens when you suddenly reestablish control over your own life: you sleep well, you get up on time, finish some work in a mere two hours that previously would have consumed at least twice that much time, you take a test and feel that, despite not having studied every single spare moment for, you actually felt calm enough to take and really apply the knowledge that you've learned despite yourself. And then you take a page out of Hollywood Sucker's book and try to use air freshener spray to coax out a cricket that's still happily living off the wood in your kitchen cabinet. You spray continually for half an hour, forgetting that you promised yourself you'd be in bed by then, because dammit that chirping is going to be the death of you. Only it turns out that the hidden cricket, whose lair you suspect you've found, likes to hide. And more than that, he likes to drink him some Arm and Hammer air freshener. At this point you say, "Motherfucker got game," and you proceed to hate the game, not the playa. Because you just got served.