early year Hey, remember that time I held a contest? And I promised that after a week of having the contest open I would close it and then announce the winners three days later? And then remember how like three weeks went by and still I haven't announced the winners? That's about to change. Right now.

First, both Jana and myself would like to thank everyone who participated. We had over 100 entries to go through, and had a hard time determining the winners. All the entries were fantastic and we loved everyone' t-shirt ideas! And trust me, even if your entry did not win, you're totally a winner because Jana and talked about you and your entry. So yay! Plus, you never know when one of those entries suddenly inspires a new Merch Girl/Gurl t-shirt...

And now, for the winners!

Jana and I were able to narrow down only to four potential winners, so we decided to change it up slightly so that we could have four winners. Plus, one of the winners is so hip that she already has a CD. So without further adieu...

The grand prize of a Merch Girl t-shirt handmade by Jana herself goes to... Katie! Her winning slogan is:

Ides of Merch

And the following three people all win their very own signed copy of Jana's new EP, The Early Year:


Masking Tape - $2.00 Drink from the bar - $3.00 Truck stop dinner - $6.99 Being a Merch Girl - PRICELESS


Fanny packs may fade, but Merch Girls are timeless.


Merch Girls Make Change

Winners, I've sent emails to each of you so that you can get in touch with me and send me your address. CDs will be mailed out this week by yours truly, and the t-shirt will be sent as soon as Jana finishes making it.

Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks everyone for participating, for reading, and just for being your fabulous selves. Keep on rocking!