Seven: Kidding Around

I made a great new friend today. He's five months old and cute as the dickens. He doesn't talk much, but he's got really big eyes that tell you that he's thinking all the time. Plus, he's really fun. He lets me carry him around and chat with all the girls at the department (thereby distracting their studies; we have common goals here). And the whole time, he flirts with the girls as if HE'S the one they really wanted to see. But it's okay, because he squeezes my fingers with his tiny fist and then he smiles up at me. I informed his mother that, from now on, I expect her to bring him around every Friday because he and I need to hang out more often. Plus, there's nothing better than the only two guys in the building walking around chatting up and distracting all our girlfriends. And since one of the girls saw us and said "Awww, I can't tell who's cuter!", that means we win.