If I had to nail down a particular talent of mine related to work and school, I'd say that I have a real knack for saying I'll do something and then completely forget to do it. In fact, I'm skilled to the point that I won't even REMEMBER that I didn't remember to do it. Occasionally, I do remember, but not until long after I was meant to. Mostly, I attribute this to my current state of being: incredibly busy during the days and too exhausted by the end to actually use my brain once I've arrived home. To counter this, I've taken to writing notes to myself. I'm at least not naive enough anymore to write it down on paper, because that'll just get buried in the bottom of my bag, and who has time to go rummaging through their bag to find something important they need to? I sure as heck don't.

Which is why I've taken to sending myself email messages from my phone. The messages serve as little reminder notes for things that need doing. In theory, this is fantastic: no piece of paper gets lost, and new information and lists are right at the top of my inbox. Or right in the middle, or at the bottom of the second page. Mostly, the messages end up going unread, because I don't bother to open them for one of two reasons: 1.) I don't have time to read emails from myself because I have many more emails from other people to read, obviously, and 2.) because reading emails after a 12-14 hour day goes something like this: "Hey Phil, zdf;lkjadfadfzzzzzzzzzzzz"

That last part is the sound of my head hitting the keyboard as a crash into a deep sleep. Speaking of which... that's enough for today NaBloPoMo. I'm cashed.