My previous record of never having won anything from any contests on the internet is officially broken. When I checked the mail this afternoon, sure enough there was a package from Ben. (The package was already open when it arrived on my doorstep; I'm not sure if that's since it was shipped from Canada or if it was an accident during the shipping process, or maybe even if it was my landlord's wife being nosy about my mail. Who knows.) In October, the coolest dachshund blog ever held a contest to win a very special book about a very special dog. Being the literary fiend I am, I entered. My luck for contests usually ends up favorable only when the grand prize is a bushel of radishes or something equally distasteful, so imagine my surprise when I found out that I won this fabulous book!

Obviously, the first thing I did was to snatch my new treasure, plop myself into my cozy POÄNG chair to read. It's a wonderfully sweet story and I've already thought of roughly two hundred ideas for which I can use this for working with children and adults alike.

A big thank you to Who's Your Dachshund for this contest, not to mention for pointing me in the direction of this book, and I'd especially like to extend my thanks to Barbara Gail Techel for sharing her story. Don't hesitate to go purchase your own copy of Frankie the walk 'n roll dog! It's definitely worth it. And don't just take my word for it; take the word of this picture, too:

The Dachsund Book!