Entering the valley - Sylmar Fire I've spent most of my Saturday cooped up inside my house curled up next to my air purifier. Yesterday, I was aware of more wildfires happening in the Los Angeles area. Then, this morning, news broke of a fire nearby once again, only this time eight miles away from me.

Luckily, my air purifier does a great job keeping my humble abode from smelling too bad. I did have to leave at one point today, to go across town (the opposite direction of the fire) to pick up a new dining table (which is fabulous, let me tell you). Upon stepping out the door, I was met with a stench that can only be described as "foul." My first thought was that this did not smell anything like the previous fires. I think I actually said out loud, to no one, that "it smells like someone lit a full pasture of cow manure on fire."

A quick glance at the grass in the yard answered my question: my landlord had taken it upon himself this morning to fertilize the entire backyard. The grass was covered in a layer of dark brown manure and, when combined with the foul smell of smoke, was enough to make me want to find the nearest machete and chop my nose off in the hopes that that would disable my sense of smell.

I managed to take some pictures from my car while driving back to my house from the coast, which I've posted on Flickr. As for me, I'm going to go to bed and hope that the winds die down, the fires get contained, and the weather cools the fuck off. Oh, and maybe once all that happens, there'll be less static electricity everywhere too. Even my shiny Mac keyboard has been giving my fingers little sparks from time to time as I type, and it's getting ridiculous.