Ever wonder what is the answer to the universal question? The universal question being, of course, What the fuck? I offer, thanks to my neuroanatomy class, the answer(s):

  • flocculonodular lobe
  • fastigial nucleus
  • vermis
  • cerebral peduncles
  • dorsal horn cells
  • extrafusal muscle fibers
  • dermatomes
  • Nucleus Ambiguus
  • Arachnoid villa

That's just a tiny sample of the misery I've been forcing myself to study. I'd be less opposed to this information if it was first put into English before it became completely jargonized. El Profesor can barely pronounce 90% of the vocabulary we use in the course, much less wax poetic about it. Based on the sample quizzes provided, she's looking for details and I aimed for a general working understanding. I feel I'm better off, but we'll see if she feels similarly. Fingers crossed!