Not your average toilet humor.

It's 11:30pm on this Wednesday evening, and even though this week has left me bone tired, I'm sitting at the computer reading up on bidets. It's not my fault, entirely. I blame the fine folks at Apartment Therapy for this one. There I was, innocently reading entries and marveling at fabulously decorated houses and rooms, when I suddenly read this post about a cool new water-saving flush device for toilets. As if it wasn't enough to suddenly realize that I want one of those, I just HAD to go and click on the link about an inexpensive bidet: the Brondell Swash Ecoseat. I'm no stranger to bidets, as Maxie could tell you, but I've never actually used one. I must confess that the idea of having a little spray of water do all the dirty work, so to speak, sounds luxurious. Plus, given the current state of my endlessly busy weeks, I think it'd be something pleasant to add to the daily routine.

If you'd like to know more about this newfound apple of my eye, click the link above for a nice review. I can't review it because I don't have it, obviously. (Let me deviate for just a second: I've had offers in the past to receive certain products and review them on this website, all of which I've turned down. However, I'd be willing to make an exception here. Hear that, Brondell? I will voluntarily receive and use a product and review it on this website for all ATP readers to see. All you have to do is get in touch. Plus, after reading what Khaled Hosseini had to say about the state of sewage systems in Afghanistan, I think it would be incredibly awesome if your company donated a percentage of each sale towards improving sanitation and sewage in countries around the world in desperate need.)

And in conclusion, I just learned (also thanks to Apartment Therapy) that November 19 is a very special day of the year... I'd like to wish everyone a very happy World Toilet Day! Peace.

UPDATE: I had totally intended to include this, but spaced it completely when I posted this last night. That's what I get for blogging right before I go to bed. Anyway, thanks to Deutlich for reminding me. This particular Brondell model includes a special spray for the ladies. But don't ask me, go watch this video and see for yourself. RIGHT NOW. And when you've finished that, go watch this video for some added hilarity.