There's a new lady in my life. She's sassy, smart (though frankly, she's something of a know-it-all), and somewhat understanding of me. She's there for me when I get lost, but she's rather impatient at times (understandable, since it's me we're talking about; but it's still irritating). And since I don't have the energy to continue this poor excuse for double entendre, and because it's a lame attempt at it anyways, I'll just say this: I've finally broken down and used the GPS on my cell phone. And here's the kicker: I love it. I generally prefer having a good idea about where I'm going, but it's been really nice having my handy phone GPS certain stores and call them up, or find certain spots within an unfamiliar area. I probably put an extra 20 miles on my car every week just thanks to getting turned around or lost. The other beauty? The fact that if I miss a turn or exit, as I'm prone to do, the GPS will say "Re-cal-cu-lating route" in its electronicky female voice and find an alternative way to get there.

As Robert and I were schlepping around town today, we decided to pull out the GPS to play with. When I suggested we see if the area had a Trader Joe's, as we needed to stop there for some food, Robert was like, "Check your phone and then we'll ask Miss Thang give us directions." So we now have Miss Thang, AKA the voice of my phone's GPS navigation system, to guide us around whenever we're so inclined. Despite her catty one-liners and her edgy sense of superiority, we kinda like her anyway, and plan on keeping her around.