Milk This Thanksgiving was completely different for me. I relaxed most of the day, then hit the movie theaters with Robert so we could go see Milk. The $13.50 matinee tickets proved worthwhile not only because the seats were comfortable, the theater was clean, and we had assigned seating, but also because the film was incredible.

I'm still thinking about it, even hours after leaving the theater. There's a part of me that wishes so badly that I had been there, that I could have enjoyed the culture and the people. At the same time, I'm reminded that one has no control over such things, and I'm in the here and now, exactly as I was meant to be. And perhaps the reason I feel this connection, so disconnected by virtue of my being born when I was, is really a sign of just how timeless it all is. I'm not only watching history happen (and repeat itself); I'm involved in shaping that history and striving for change. Since seeing the film, I've felt wowed, sad, inspired, disheartened, filled with hope, scared, and proud. All of these I consider, each in its own right, good things to feel.

On another note, related only because it happened on the same day (Thanksgiving!), I ate turkey today. It's probably been about a year since I've done so. Heck, it was last Thanksgiving that I ate the stuff, now that I think about it. Robert and I spent over two hours bustling around the kitchen cooking up our own private feast: turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. It was a veritable feast for two, and we stuffed ourselves silly in less than twenty minutes. To the point that we couldn't even THINK about eating pumpkin pie. I suspect that'll be breakfast in the morning.

Finally, don't just stand around and be thankful this weekend in remembrance of a time that sparked great conflict, go forth and learn more about the history of this country and celebrate Native American Heritage Month. In the words of my best friend, what have you done for your fellow Native American today?