I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind words over the weekend. I had no clue what I was in for, and your comments have meant so much to me. It's been an interesting week so far, to say the least. Everything seems to have happened at once, and with considerably less humor than I generally require on a daily basis. After a rough start to my week, my Monday afternoon suddenly delivered the unexpected: an opportunity to stop thinking and just laugh.

In the middle of my clinic today, my three (going on four) year old client got all excited when he saw a card with a gorilla pictured on it. He leapt out of his chair, pounded his chest, and said, "The gorilla pounds his BOOBS." I just stopped and stared at him before grinning uncontrollably, and he said it again. "Aaaaahhhhh the gorilla pounds his BOOBS!" I only barely managed to stifle a laugh (by coughing, obviously) before I replied, "His chest. Yes, the gorilla pounds his chest."

Now I'm left wondering where a three-year-old picked up such delicate vocabulary. I applaud whoever taught the little guy about boobs, because he me made my day.