This weekend has been intense. It's been considerably more busy than my usual, lazy weekend. I feel sort of how Katelin must feel sometimes, having that super busy social calendar. Speaking of Katelin, I got to meet her on Friday, thanks to a certain blogger gathering. Friday night was awesome on many levels, including the level at which I turned my empty beer bottle into a microphone and broke out in karaoke song to Elvis's Kentucky Rain. I'm not sure how much my fellow bloggers appreciated this, but whatever. The drinks were good, the cheesesticks were unstoppable, and the people rocked. The roundup of who attended: me, the fabulous Katelin, the always awesome Nico, the hilarious RS27, the well-dressed So@24, the quick-witted Chardsy, the blog-meeting Tara, the one-of-a-kind Michelle, as well as her boyfriend and LA guru Matt.

(Oh, and another highlight was that we all discovered that we share a common love of Stella Artois. I never imagined that Stella could unite bloggers, but indeed it has.)

We're hoping to set up another gathering after the holidays, perhaps in January or so, and bring in even more of us.

Moving on: In a mere hour and a half, I'll be at the theater to see a new Broadway touring production of Sweeney Todd. I've had my tickets since the end of September, so I'm pretty much excited beyond reason.