"I've never had those before." That was my reply when a friend of mine in clinic offered me a Starbucks Frappuccino this afternoon. The look on everyone's faces when I said this led me to believe that, with the exception of those aged three or younger, I was the last person on the planet to drink one of those things. Emphasis on was. I've never been a big coffee drinker. Which, given my general level of energy even when I average 4-5 hours of sleep every night for a week, has caused similar sputterings of disbelief. But I digress. I drank the frapper, I liked the frapper (I had caramel, and was sent home with two mochas and ordered to drink them as soon as possible), and with the addition of super sugary frosted sugar cookies, I have to say that I ended clinic on one hell of a sugar high. I chased it five hours later with a dinner that consisted of bread and sautéed potatoes. I have no idea if carbs and starch equalizes the sugar intake, but it felt bland enough to, so I went with it.

Mouthing Off

Speaking of going with it, look at this!* That would be the end-of-semester gift from my clinic supervisor. This is what happens when you decide to get your Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology, my friend: you get a MOUTH for a gift. And what's more, you're positively thrilled about it. I wish I was kidding. The thing even has a name: Mouthy Mouth the Finger Puppet.

Despite it's hokey-beyond-reason name, I love it. And if, for some crazy reason, you're interested in seeing more, I might consider including Heir Mouth in my first ever video blog. Feel free to applaud or reject this in the comments, and I may or may not decide accordingly.

*Also, check out those amazing blinds behind me! I told you out with the drapes, in with the blinds, was the greatest unilateral decision I have ever made. They're amazing.