In the history of weird days, I think my Friday today takes the cake. I offer the following evidence, quoted directly from a text message I sent Robert this morning: Have I been having the most bizarre day so far!

1. I had bed head so bad that even my goatee was all over the place. 2. I discovered that I got some sun recently, as my forehead is red and peeling slightly. 3. I lost the tie to my bread earlier this week, and when I went to put water in my tea kettle so I could have oatmeal for breakfast, I found it IN the tea kettle. 3. As I was getting dressed, I put my shirt on backwards by mistake.

I didn't notice at the time that I included two number threes. I suppose they're equally strange, but I totally wasn't that clever at the time, and meant for that second three to be a four.

While I was hoping that the rest of the day would be a little less wonky, it wasn't. Awkward conversation with a "former" lesbian about sexuality and deities? Check. (And then I couldn't resist temptation, and started talking to this newly uber-religious ex-lesbian about evolution. I'm such a stellar communicator.) Running into a girl at Trader Joe's who I know I know but couldn't place from where? Check. Reading research articles and studying on Friday night? Check.

Heck, the only really normal thing that happened was that I fell asleep studying, and now it's a quarter after one in the morning and I'm blogging. Is it December 16th yet? Oy vey.