Preoccupied. Be back in five.

It's been quiet here at ATP since I came back to New Mexico for break, mostly because I've been loving my time off. As soon as school was over, I promptly got sick. Then I hopped on a plane, landed in Albuquerque, and stayed sick for the next few days. To borrow the immortal words of Calvin & Hobbes, my days are just packed. Not in the sense that I'm superbly busy and running around constantly; it's more that I'm rather distracted by the company. In my spare time, I've been working on a little side project. I started it about a month or so ago, working a bit on figuring out some of the details and the direction of it. Then I bit the bullet, bought another domain, and have spent the last week poring over PHP and CSS code. Tonight, I spent more than two hours trying to figure out how to make the blog title text invisible so I could have a masthead of my own design without interference from a WordPress theme. I've yet to figure out exactly how to fix that without removing the titles to individual blog posts. Once I get figure it out, and iron out the details, I'll unveil it. In the meantime, anyone know how to fix this CSS issue? I'll love you if you do.