If you're reading this, that means I've successfully managed to do a complete overhaul of this website without it curling up, catching a hacking cough, and then dying in a fit of shivers and painful screams. Now that I've gotten that little introduction out of the way, welcome to the new and (somewhat) improved All Things Phil! (If you're reading this in a feed reader, and I hope you are, do click over and check out the new place.) I don't pretend to be a designer, so what you see is sort of a work in progress. But at least the "work in progress" part is fairly minimal stuff now. Like fixing some of the font sizes (et tu, comment form?), playing with a few color issues to make it all fit more cohesively, and trying to rescue my threaded comments, which don't seem to be working right now (SOS Nico!).

I've spent a great deal of time searching for themes I liked well enough to completely change all the visible aesthetics while keeping the frame. I've spent about as much time working in Photoshop, tinkering away with new mastheads and backgrounds. I even dragged poor Robert into it, badgering him with questions about what he thought of colors and designs I was trying out.

I'd say that I'm proud of myself for all of this, but I'm too tired from the hours I've spent working away to really be sure of that right now. Plus, this is my second major project to (at least sort of) get live. As I hinted at last week, I've been working on a little side project. It's a brand new website, and is more of a niche blog than I maintain here. I'll be maintaining that site in addition to this one, so go check it out, take a look around (I'm definitely proud of the work I've accomplished on it), and help me spread the word about Just Gay It!:


A big thanks to everyone who sticks around and reads this website, I heart all of you. Peace, love, and blogging good times!