I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I am extremely addicted to one incredibly awful show. Of all reality television shows, this one takes the cake for bad TV. Momma's Boys, you are insane, melodramatic, unbelievable, and trashy beyond belief. And you know what? I LOVE YOU. Honestly, I couldn't care less about the outcome. I don't give a fig about whether any of the guys on the show finds his true love. I don't care that the girls start crying when they're not picked to stay on the show for the next episode. I don't care about any of the "challenges" presented that offer the girls a chance to prove themselves worthy the momma's boys hands in marriage (frankly, the challenges are rather sexist, but I digress).

What I do care about, and this is the important part, is the melodrama. That one girl being rejected by a mother because she posed in Playboy? LOVE. That other girl getting on Michael's mom's good side despite being terrified that her secret will get out? Her secret, of course, being that she was last year's Penthouse Pet? Obvious LOVE. That African American girl "disrespecting" the Iraqi mother by spitefully making out with her son, JoJo the wonder-eunuch? LOVE. The Iraqi mother convincing the producers to give her a helicopter ride to SEE said inter-racial hot tub make-out scene? LOVE. Said racist Iraqi mother punching the helicopter window and simultaneously yelling that she wants to castrate her son and kill someone? DOUBLE LOVE.

And then the icing on the cake... the dumbshit son actually SIDES WITH HIS RACIST MOTHER and opts to date white girls because "disrespecting his momma is totally unacceptable." It was at that point in last night's episode that I literally died and went to heaven the seventh circle of hell. And I'm at a total loss for words to describe how good this makes me feel.