According to my calendar, tomorrow is only the start of the second week of school. Wait, what? I've been back in school for ages! Oh, that's right, it only seems like ages, thanks in large part to "blameless" parties who decided to pull my funding out from under me without any warning whatsoever. As if I didn't already spend enough time on campus, between work and classes, I've been devoting every spare moment to getting said funding back. I spent much of my break, in addition to redoing this site and adding three others to go along with it, totally revamping my life so that I could go from 'responsible yet blissfully carefree' to 'financial ninja'. Or basically, the brunette-haired version of Suze Orman, only without the book deals and all the speaking engagements. As it stands, I'm extremely gifted at finding new and creative ways to spend money. I've been on a steady ascent (steady as she goes) toward that financial black-belt in savings, but let's just say this is something of a setback.

It was unfortunate, but it had to happen. Instead of writing flowing prose and poetry for you, dear reader, to read, I've been standing in lines and giving various bureaucratic ding-bats an earful, one or two or three at a time, at how pissed off I am that I'm paying the price for an entirely internal error on the part of their beloved bureaucracy. Bitches, the lot of them. And I've made sure to tell them so.

The whole week last week drove me nuts, and this week I've promised myself that it's only fair that I return that feeling in kind. I'll be back in their faces every day this week, whenever I have a spare moment, to try to sort this out on my timetable instead of theirs. In the meantime, I may be blog MIA, but that's par for the course at this point.

And now, at this time, I will cease discussing this topic, lest I get too pissed off before I go to bed. First, I need to make a special shout-out to the fine folks at Angeman for their fantastic piece of free personal finance software, iCompta. It's simple, intuitive software that's versatile and powerful, and best of all, you can color-code various categories of expenses and income. Which is, really, more than enough reason to use the software.

And finally, I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the 2009 20sb bootleg awards. I tip my hat to the winner of that contest, the fabulous Jenn of the notorious Free and Flawed. In colloquial nerd terms, Jenn gets an h/t from me and an offer by me for her very own super special badge like the one on the left, designed by yours truly.