"A day that starts with me giving hell to people in financial aid is made better only by getting what I want from them. Yes!" You may or may not have noticed the above Twitter post from me yesterday. It pretty much sums up my whole feeling about how the day went. I verbally bitch-slapped the appropriate people (only the bitches; the nice ones were spared) at the front desk and then made myself an appointment with a financial counselor, who after only fifteen minutes was pretty much like (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Dude, that's totally fucked up. I'll go ahead and fix this for you today."

And the best part? He really did take care of it, and I'm officially re-enrolled in classes with and even have "graduate student" next to me name amongst all my school fluff. So now, instead of waiting for 2-4 weeks to see if everything pans out, I instead have only to wait a couple of weeks until the system is fully updated and satisfied. Which means everything is in motion and yours truly was skipping across campus for the remainder of the day yesterday. That may or may not be socially appropriate, but given how happy I am that fabulosity prevailed over idiocy, I don't much care.