I can't help but love that Yahoo!Answers can serve as a forum to help confused teenagers really work things out. It's just so cute. gay-jonas-brothers

So, wow, what a question, right? How DO you suddenly turn gay if you like the Jonas Brothers? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually agree with some of the commenters. Specifically, with the fact that it doesn't make you gay, and that being called gay isn't even an insult. I mean duh, like having good taste and owning the word 'fabulous' could possibly be an insult.

But I think I have a better answer: Listening to the Jonas Brothers probably doesn't make you gay, no. It just makes you a big humongous TOOL. Oh, I'm sorry, should I not be negative about manufactured pop stars who are offered up as rock 'n roll? Should I not degrade the hideously formulaic sensationalism that only Disney can spurn?

Forgive me. I've been to real rock shows. The ones in tiny theaters or small bars. The ones where bands nobody's heard of can play and develop a new fan base. The ones where you can barter for CDs and t-shirts and where they only accept cash for payments. The ones where, after the show, you might see a band hopping into a van to hit the road again in time for their next show. That, my friends, is rock 'n roll.

And lest I forget, you'll never, ever, in a million years, be considered a true rocker (especially of this generation) until Kurt Cobain has become a staple in your music collection. Now go forth and get a Nirvana CD immediately.