Homo Domesticus

I had a revelation tonight. It occurred to me after I got off work around nine, then headed off to Target. I was in desperate need of bar soap, and had every intention of buying only that which I needed. That would be bar soap. Easy to remember, easy to check off the list that I didn't actually have with the pen that was safely tucked away in my messenger bag, which was still in the car. It dawned on me, whilst strolling the aisles on my way to find the Dove soap, that I also needed to pick up some package envelopes, as I had just run out. And then I was reminded, obviously, of the fact that I don't own a vacuum and don't much care for the gross, dusty vacuum I usually borrow from my landlord that is so loud I have to wear earplugs when I use it.

I was delighted to find a cheap twenty-dollar vacuum that isn't exactly a Hoover, but what do I care, it was twenty bucks. I didn't have a shopping cart, or a basket for that matter, so I just scooped everything into my arms and then forced myself to leave before I realized that if I looked long enough, I'd remember that I need a few more pans, better stirring spoons, and maybe one of those really nice Kitchenaid mixers while I was at it.