In my previous post, I alluded to the fact that 'newness' was going on. If you happened to click over and see what I meant, you got a pretty good idea. I've invested in a new url and a new image entirely. It's been a long time coming, really. I grew weary of having my name in my url and title, and I was mostly just waiting for inspiration to strike me before I took the plunge. That inspiration took about eight months, mind, but, um, whatever. All Things Phil has officially been upgraded to... Rocky Time Warp! explanation-1

With that said, welcome! You may notice that the theme I had previously maintained (also new) has followed me here, with some new additions and a few changes. Not to mention incredible old horror movie fonts! The new masthead is a touch of everything I love... a certain movie and the Rocky Mountains. The mountains you see pictured belong to the southern end of the Rockies, and are none other than the Sandia mountains of Albuquerque. As a matter of fact, I took that picture myself.

explanation-2So what's new here? Well, first we have a new menu bar, replete with colorful buttons. I've added a page devoted to what I'm currently reading. I'm starting it this year, so there's not much there yet. For the sake of everyone's sanity, I've opted not to include all the shit I have to read for grad school. I don't want to think about it, much less reminisce about it, and I doubt very much that you even care.

And then, whoah! I've started a tumblog. Which is a fun microblog that lacks vowels. But it's killer good times, and I like to post videos and pictures and other things that I typically don't post here. Feel free to follow me.

And hey, look! I've been running a number of side projects, and I thought it'd be cool to bring them to the forefront of things. Check out my very gay blog as well as my partner Robert's and my stamping blog.

explanation-3Look to your right and you'll see a "stumble it!" button. If you happen to enjoy stumbleupon, as I do, you can click and give a thumb's up to any post you like.

Also notice that I've got Google Friend Connect! It's still new, but I'm excited to see what sorts of fun things develop there. Become a member (you don't even need to have a google account; any email address can be used) and help me see what sorts of cool shit develops.

And finally, check it out! On your left you will see every single post I've ever written, from the very beginning. Of time. So if you've ever wondered about where my old archives were and never visited my old archives site, worry no further, since it's all in one place right here. I'm mostly excited about this because I can now more easily link to that one bunny story.